#MamiaDaysOut | A Trip to the Zoo | Mummy Mimi


We were lucky enough to receive this hamper of Aldi Mamia goodies as part of Britmums #MamiaDaysOut challenge. We have been shopping at Aldi for a while and been impressed with their prices as well as their baby range, their baby wipes being the best ones I have come across.

The Mamia range starts from just 59p for the stage 1 pouches and even the big bags of rice cakes are only 69p! Plus they are so handy for keeping to hand in the changing bag, many a meltdown has been saved by a simple rice cake! The full baby food range is also 100% organic.


As we were heading to the zoo at the weekend these were perfect to take with us and include in our picnic for S!


After adventuring round the zoo for a while it was time for a spot of lunch. As soon as the rice cakes were out S was straight into them! The Apple and Blackcurrent spring water is perfect for topping up his juice bottle on the go especially as sometimes it can be a struggle to get S to drink enough water.


The stage one pouches make for great smoothies for older kids as well as for weaning the wee ones. S was loving the mango, apple and banana pouch. They are great for on the go and for sneaking in some extra fruit and veg into little ones!


After filling up on lunch we continued on our adventure round the zoo!


I find Aldi’s Mamia range great value for money, we have been shopping there regularly since S was born. Their nappies and wipes are great value for money (I always compare the price per nappy/per wipe in shops!) and we have never had any issues with them.

Also look out for their Aldi baby events – we always pop along to these as they are great for picking up some bargains and stocking up on the essentials, you can see what we have previously picked up over on my Aldi Baby & Toddler Event Shopping Haul

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.