Weekend Photos | Sunshine, Beaches & Walks


Weekend Photos | Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April 2017

Saturday 8th April 2017

Beach Walks

The weekend started off with a morning walk exploring Footdee and Aberdeen Beach, along with testing out Mummy’s new camera!

Saturday Afternoon Walks

S is loving all the pretty spring flowers at the moment, taking delight in pointing any out to us!

Grandad’s Birthday Meal at Rustico

To celebrate Grandad’s birthday we headed out to Rustico for dinner, and S took along a couple of cars!

The food was delicious! I had bruschetta to start then carbonara and garlic bread for my main course.

Sunday 9th April 2017

Lunchtime Football

It was all going so well, apart from the fact we hadn’t scored, until the last 15 minutes when it all went horribly wrong!

So that was our weekend photos, hope you had a good weekend!

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